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Shari Weyrauch
Owner, Smart Cookies Bakery

Smart Cookies Bakery, LLC™ was born from a passion for baking that was instilled at a young age. Both my mom and grandmas helped me navigate my way around a kitchen where I learned the finer points of making sweet treats from honest-to-goodness scratch. Lucky for me, each of these talented women had their own specialty so I soaked in lots of lessons and knowledge about the importance of high-quality, fresh ingredients and the time it takes to bake something really special.

Baking for family and friends has been a favorite pastime of mine and in 2009—after spending more than 20 years in corporate sales—I decided to make my hobby official and launch Smart Cookies.

For me, the smell of freshly baked cookies and breads is like sunshine—it makes you warm and happy.  In fact, everything about the process of baking makes me smile: from measuring and mixing to watching the finished product take shape.

Why the name “Smart Cookies Bakery”? While brainstorming business names, a friend joked, “Well Shari, you are a smart cookie; you’ll figure it out.” And my products are made from-scratch—no mixes or preservatives—which makes Smart Cookies Bakery treats a smarter way to indulge.

Finally, I’m a bit sassy—just like the candies, cookies, desserts and breads that come out of the Smart Cookies Bakery kitchen.

Smart Cookies are sweets with an attitude—one taste and you’ll understand why, guaranteed.